Saturday, 12 June 2010

WWKIP @ A Coffee And A Yarn

I was able to sneak out of my shop for 5 minutes to check out WWKIP Day at A Coffee And A Yarn - Wow, I am impressed. These fabulous ladies were all decked out in fabulous knitted wigs out the front of the knitting cafe:

Ok - this was their zany pose for me. Here's a 'normal' shot for you:

Good on you ladies! It's great to see Knitting in Public! I love it!

I went inside and had a chat with the host of this wonderful KIP (Ellie, owner of A Coffee And A Yarn) to find out a bit more about her wonderful knitting cafe. The beautiful yarn she sells is mostly from Australia and mostly wool (no acrylic here!) or wool/cotton blends. And, it's the good stuff - No cheap crappy stuff.

You can find beautiful Alpaca wool too :D And if you're a fan of kits, she has them too! There are kits for knitting kids beanies, gorgeous tea cosies and much much more. You could spend ages in there looking and feeling the wool alone, and better yet, you can enjoy a great coffee at the same time!

And if you love knitting and crochet books they have a nice selection of them too, along with everything else you need for your project - such as crochet hooks and stitch holders.

Check out the massive vase of knitting needles by the window!! Ellie also sells some gorgeous wooden knitting needles from Tasmania that have little polka dot wooden mushrooms on the ends (I know, I should have taken a photo but with all the excitement I forgot!).
Well, there's my coverage of our local KIP - I wonder how the event is going in other parts of the world. I'd love to know. If you have any coverage, send me the link or add it to the comments!

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