Wednesday, 23 June 2010

DIY Knit Project: Open Top Beanie

After getting my hands on some super bright yarn yesterday I got a bit crazy with my circular loom and made an open-top beanie. I don't know if there is a proper name for these - it's just what I have called it. The great thing about these beanies, is you can stick your hair out the top of it, or even roll the beanie if you want to use it more as earwarmers. Admittedly, my version with this yearn is a bit on the loud side - but I think it would work well in any colour you choose.

It's basically a tube - but it's nice and warm!

You'll need:

1 x Knitting Loom (I used 'Crafter's Choice' Yellow Loom with 36 pegs)

...and 50g 8ply yarn in a colour of your choice


  1. Cast on the first round: Create a slip knot and put it onto the first peg. Then continue to do e-wraps around till you get to the last peg.
  2. Circle the loom using Twisted Knit Stitch for 2 more Rounds. Making these first rounds like this will make your brim - I like it this way so it rolls up, but feel free to add some purl if you prefer it to sit flatter.
  3. Next, e-wrap the loom twice (i.e. e-wrap each loop on the loom, then go around again). You should now have 3 loops on each peg.
  4. Use your hook to lift the bottom 2 loops over the top loop. Repeat to complete the round.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you reach to desired length for your beanie. I have done 24 rounds. In the last 3 rounds, I tightened the tension a bit to make it a bit smaller at the top.
  6. You will notice that this technique will produce a less flexible, but more closely knit finish. There should be quite a thick texture to it (see pic below)
  7. Cast off the loom.
  8. Enjoy!

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