Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nikki's Hooded Scarf Pattern

With all this cold weather upon us, I have dug up my knitting bag (full of unfinished projects) and decided that I needed to make myself a hooded scarf. I found this free pattern from Nikki, In Stitches and it has inspired me to try making one. I would still consider myself as a beginner in the world of knitting, so the pattern looks a little intimidating to me - What I need is a plain pattern but I haven't found one yet. If anyone finds one let me know!

How cool is this? I want one!

Of course, the project gives me a good excuse to get more yarn, so I trekked down to my local kmart got some acrylic (I have several balls of beautiful wool, but I don't feel worthy of using it until my skills get better). I got:

3 x 100g 8ply Acrylic Yarn (Navy Blue, Fuschia and Red/Orange/Yellow Mix)

...and one massive 400g ball of Rainbow Mix - I couldn't resist the bright colours in it - reminds me of those rainbow paddle pops I used to eat when I was a kid (only, it's much brighter and you can wear it without getting in trouble!)

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